Bloomington Hills Tile Contractors

Bloomington Hills Tile Contractors

Are you tired of working with companies who don’t live up to your expectations? Look to your local Bloomington Hills tile professionals at Suva Tile Call us at (435) 628-1001 to arrange an immediate visit from Dave or one of our technicians.

David Bonasera’s extensive background is the foundation for our distinctive take on natural stone and tile restoration, as well as our commitment to eco-friendly products . David started his experience in environmental issues back in the late 80’s and early 90’s in the west side of Los Angeles and Orange County areas by doing stone work and environmental indoor air quality inspection.

From sealing and cleaning to repairing and re-grouting tile and natural stone we take great pride in the service we provide. We make granite, marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, quarts, quartzite look as good as new! Our degree customer satisfaction far exceeds all industry standards. We pledge to be on time, and finish your job on schedule. While we work, we will protect your home’s surfaces, and we’ll be there for any follow up questions you have after the job is done. We stand behind our work 100%. For more than 2 decades now Dave and his team have been successfully handling shower leaks. Mr. Bonasera is also available for consulting work as well as functioning as an expert witness.

Bloomington Hills Tile & Stone Services


We provide general maintenance customized to your needs. This is something we recommend getting done on a regular basis, like getting an oil change every 3000 miles. Its far better to “keep up” as opposed to “catch up” when it comes to basic sealing and cleaning services. It will almost always cost more in the long run if you put off maintenance.

  • Residential Maintenance
  • Commercial Maintenance


As much as people wish that natural stone floors were free of maintenance, that simply is incorrect. These surfaces are extremely durable, but even they can be compromised in the course of normal daily living. A stone floor may seem bulletproof, but drop a heavy object on it and it could crack. It is possible to leave a scratch simply from moving a piece of furniture across the floor. Your gorgeous stone flooring can become lackluster looking simply from the bar stools are your kitchen island. The blowing sands of Southern Utah can scratch your floor. Acid sensitive stones can be damaged by food, drinks, beauty products and even your pets if you aren’t vigilant. We have to clean up after contractors all the time that inadvertently damage our clients floors. A cleaning company can use the wrong product and cause damage. The good news is that all of these things can be restored by the experts at Suva Tile.

Restoration Services we Provide:

  • Grinding & Polishing to your desired Finish
  • Chip Repairs
  • Etch Removal
  • Scratch Removal
  • Stone & Tile Replacement
  • Lippage Removal (uneven stones)


Even low traffic floors can get dirty under normal circumstances.

When you have natural stone floors such as Travertine, Marble, or Limestone, those floors can get dirty. Natural stone floors are different from ceramic or porcelain tiles and requires a very different approach to cleaning. The majority stone flooring is easily damaged by using an unsuitable chemical cleaner. With our years of experience we understand the best way to clean various types of stone floor. We can restore your floor to its original beauty.

Everyone knows how dirty bathroom and kitchen countertops can become.

We use high temperature steam to sterilize each countertop as well as removing all hard water and mineral deposits.This ensures that not only is the surface free of germs, but it looks good as well.

If you have porcelain or ceramic tiles, normally the grout lines get soiled long before the surface of the tile does. At Suva Tile we can clean both surfaces all in one go with our unparalleled cleaning process. Home furniture that needs to be moved and cleaned under gets returned to its original location. We typically recommend applying a sealer to keep your floor looking great for longer and make subsequent cleanings easier.


Most of the grout used these days is porous as is virtually all natural stones. This means that those surfaces will easily absorb any liquid when they get wet. Now something as simple as a water spill is nothing to fear, but food, drinks or even pet accidents are a different story. All of those fluids can quickly cause severe harm. You can’t prevent the joys of life from happening so the next best thing is to protect these porous surfaces with the application of a sealer. Having said that, they several variations of sealers. Generally they fall into one of multiple basic categories: water based or solvent based, topical or penetrating, clear or color enhancing or color changing. There isn’t a single “best sealer” to apply, it all depends on your particular circumstances and preferences. We will go over all the possibilities with you and help you to choose what’s best for your home.

Sealing Services:

  • Seal the surface of your stone and maintain the natural look (clear penetrating sealer)
  • Seal without changing the grout color (clear penetrating sealer)
  • Seal the surface of your stone and make it shine (topical sealer)
  • Remove a sealer or coating you do not like (stripping)
  • Seal and change the color of your grout (color seal)
  • Seal the surface of your stone and bring out more of the natural colors (enhancing penetrating or topical sealer)

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Natural stones are distinctive in many ways. The ones in your home are at least 20 million years old. They can be dull with virtually no reflectivity or shine or highly polished to a mirror like finish. Depending on the style of your home and your personal preference, most times the same stone can be modified to your liking. Natural stones can be shined in a number of ways. Here at Suva Tile we opt for the “old school” technique of polishing which leaves the longest lasting and most beautiful finish. This strategy does not use any chemicals to alter the stone, but rather a series of diamonds is used to polish the surface to your desired result. No dust is produced and we use only water and diamonds.

What can we polish:

  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Floors
  • Counter Tops
  • Tub Surrounds

Inspection Services

Suva Tile was launched in 1987 and for the last two decades David Bonasera has been involved with consulting and expert witness. When a contractor incorrectly installs stone or tile a client may need an assessment or expert witness testimony when taking the contractor to court. I use tile and stone Forensics to check moisture, looking to walls, infrared technology, sound testing, deflection, and proper installation of stone and tile according to ANSI, TCNA, and NSI standards. Dave helps write practices for the natural stone industry as part of the technical committee for the NSI, (National Stone Institute).

Custom Services

From restoring the 127′ x 15′ glass mosaic mural at Dixie State University here in St. George Utah, to something as elementary as a polished marble bird feeder Suva Tile has restored every size project. If you have a concept lets talk and see if we can make it work.

We promise quality service at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter what marble or natural stone you have, our team of experts are ready to take care of it for you. If you need a Tile Contractor for your Bloomington Hills home or office Call (435) 628-1001 for a Free Quote Today