Dixie State University Glass Mosaic Mural Restoration

St. George, Utah

Dixie State University Glass Mosaic Mural Restoration

St. George, Utah

This glass mosaic art piece was dedicated in 1975 on the campus of beautiful Dixie State University in St. George, Utah. It consists of over 450,000 individual pieces of Italian glass, all individually cut and placed by hand. At 15 feet by 127 feet long, it currently is the third largest mural of this type in the country. The mural resides on the south side of the Graff Building, about 10 feet above the ground. Over all the years it has held up remarkable well against the elements. Time and the extreme hot/cold weather cycle here in St. George have necessitated that basic renovations take place. My skilled team at Suva Tile carefully replaced approximately 3500 missing 3/4 inch glass pieces using the original ones purchased 40+ years ago. Many were cut and ground into the exact shape that Monika Scharff of Scharff and Scharff did many years ago when she made the mural. This piece is a beautiful example of early life in Southern Utah and depicts the early pioneers very well. It was a privilege and a great compliment for me and my team at Suva Tile to be entrusted with restoring this priceless treasure.

The Dixie State University mural is the 3rd largest in the country

The fountain adjacent to the mural is a great place to sit and relax.

The beautiful campus grounds are a nice place to view the mural from

A sissors lift provides a unique perspective for a picture

The artists Claudius and Monika Scharff, along with Jeff Suva of Suva Tile

Monika Scharff showing examples of her work at Disney Land

Suva Tile used a scissors lift to access the 450,000+ individual glass pieces

The Dixie State University Mural is big….really big!

Dave Becker who took many of these pictures, has many different lenses