Sealing Services

Sealing Services

The Sealing of Grout and the Surfaces of Natural Stones 

Services Overview:
All natural stones and most of the grout used today is porous. This means that those surfaces will easily absorb any liquid when they get wet. Water spills are no problem, but what about drink, food, children or pet accidents? All of those fluids can quickly and easily cause serious damage. You can’t stop the joys of life from taking place so the next best thing is to protect these porous surfaces with the application of a sealer. There are many types of sealers. Generally they fall into one of several basic categories: water based or solvent based, penetrating or topical, clear or color enhansing or color changing. There is no single “best sealer” to use, it all depends on your particular circumstances and preferences. We will go over all the options with you and help you choose what’s right for your home.

Sealing Services we Provide:

  • Seal without changing the grout color (clear penetrating sealer)
  • Seal and change the color of your grout (color seal)
  • Seal the surface of your stone and maintain the natural look (clear penetrating sealer)
  • Seal the surface of your stone and bring out more of the natural colors (enhansing penetrating or topical sealer)
  • Seal the surface of your stone and make it shine (topical sealer)
  • Remove a sealer or coating you do not like (stripping)

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